Meet Justin

Justin is an avid and lifelong gamer. Through organizing various weekly meetups; introducing hundreds of local gamers to the hobby; and opening up his home, game collection, and friendship to fellow gamers, Justin’s passion for board games has led him to play a pivotal role in fostering the modern board game community in Edmonton for over ten years.

Justin routinely travels within and outside of Canada to scout out game conventions to attend. His personal favourite is J.A.B. (Jeux au Boutes), running annually in a small municipality in central Québec. He has volunteered his time and expertise as a member of Team Geek of the BoardGameGeek Convention in Dallas for the past three years.

In his personal life, Justin is married to his beautiful wife and highschool sweetheart Amanda, and this year they welcomed fraternal twin daughters, Arya and Leia to their family. Fun fact: the twins were born during the weekend of GOBfest 2015, which is why you didn't see him there!

Justin has had an entrepreneurial spirit his entire life. He spent his career working within an enterprising group of individuals creating and managing publicly traded mineral exploration companies. It's been his dream to leverage his business and financial management expertise down a path that takes advantage of his board game and geeky passions. In 2011, he nearly took the plunge to open a board game café, but the timing wasn’t quite right and he had to put the idea on hold. Fast forward to present day, the stars aligned, and in partnership with his cousin Carissa, The Gamers' Lodge was born.